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Warranty Issues

Customer Care, Building Problems, & Warranty Callbacks

As a previous customer do you have warranty issue or problem with our building? If so, please take one of these easy warranty callback paths.


While every care has been taken by Speed Fab-Crete to complete your facility to be problem-free, problems do occur.  Our company prides itself in servicing our customer during construction and after we complete your project.  To advise us of problems that occur, we request you follow one of the following:


Fax:  (817) 561-2544

Send your specific problem request to our President, David Bloxom and it will be placed on our callback response form for action.


Call:  (817) 478-1137

Report your specific problem request. This will be placed on our Callback Response form for action.



Report your specific problem request.  This will place your request on our Callback Response form for action.


Our Callback Response is monitored daily and a plan of action to address your problem is important to us.  Please give us the name of a contact person to work with at your facility.


For off-business hour/emergency response:

Call (817) 658-9771 or (817) 676-1271


We appreciate your business. Our continuing service to you is a high priority to us.




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